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My name is Ryan O'Donnell. I play poker professionally online under the Alias 'MOCA CHOCA89' on the Pokerstars network.
On June the 1st 2009, after two failed attempts to go 'robusto,' I invested $130 to play poker online. Through a good bank roll management plan I calculated I would be able to move up stakes swiftly with out the risks of ever busting again.
I went from playing the $5 45man SnG's to playing $5,000 HU SnG's in the 3 years. I have profited around $600k in online SnG's and MTT's.
I have lately played in many high stake cash games all the way up to $50-$100 2k Cap games and $25-$50 full stack games. I have lifetime broken even in cash games over a small sample.
I travel the world networking with the biggest names in online poker.
Many people say my style is very unique and hard to adjust to. I put this down to the fact that I didn't study one format of No Limit Hold'em, I have studied many different formats and stack sizes. I only ever learned from the best names coaching has to offer.
My current challenge is to achieve supernover elite, which I am very close to achieving this year.
I played in the world series this year, cashed 2/3 events, a 12th place a 24th place and a non cash.
Aside from poker I have been involved in graffiti art since I was 13 years old. I took a lot of time of from it due to the trouble I managed to find myself in. In the later years of my life I have really enjoyed the art side of things. I have also lately been attempting rapping as a hobby and have made some videos which you can find on this site.

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  • I Grind Why Not Episode 3

    WHY NOT GRIND has been taken offline since me making this. Out here in Bali with Cog Dis and Elfosso grinding poker and making life investments. And of course bombing the walls when ever I get a chance    


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